Our Story

Stable Ground, an arm of The Underpinners Inc, is a Toronto-based company specializing in deep foundation work. Since The Underpinners’ inception in 2011, the majority of projects have been in complex and difficult to access locations in Downtown Toronto. While the complexity of project was manageable, the team soon realized that in order to effectively execute, elaborate soil retention (shoring) for deep foundation work was required for safe excavation of these projects.

Seeing that this highly specialized service was in great demand within the Downtown Toronto market, the company purchased its first limited access drilling rig and various other powerful – but small - types of machinery required to manage the diverse geographical terrain (rocks, water, fill material) in Toronto.

It was at this time that Stable Ground was created.

Today, Stable Ground has a sizeable inventory of powerful hydraulic drilling rigs, tooling and versatile attachments necessary to access both small and limited access spaces as well as larger projects. The team is supported by a team of experts across geotechnical, structural and civil engineering.

Our Commitment

Stable ground provides ongoing education and learning for our employees to enable them to work in the safest way possible. All drill operators are qualified in WHIMIS, fall protection, first aid, ACPA operator safety, and 0-8 ton mobile crane operator training. We have a work culture where everybody is working together to achieve zero harm. We plan, manage and execute jobs in accordance with the highest standards of practice, and strictly follow the industry's established safety procedures.


Stable Ground possesses all the equipment required for limited and shallow access solutions in earth retention and foundation jobs. Our drill rigs have the capacity to drill to a depth of 70′, and a diameter of 36”, and are compact enough to work in narrow residential lots. Our inventory allows us to work in Toronto’s diverse soils and conditions.

Our fleet of equipment includes:

  • Limited access hydraulic drilling rigs
  • Excavator mounted drilling rigs
  • Excavators
  • Skid-steers
  • Line pumps