It all starts with a proper assessment and good design

The construction of earth retention and shoring systems involves multiple considerations. The design can be challenging and complex. Every site varies significantly, and when designing shoring or deep foundation systems it is important to not only consider your own property but all neighbouring properties as well. A pre-inspection survey is carried out to make sure our design and work considers all circumstances of the project site. It is highly recommended to do a soil investigation prior to any design drawings.

This investigation will identify soil type, presence of the water table, the soils bearing capacity and if any contamination is present. Although this is not always carried out prior to a shoring project, it can help minimize surprises and aid in a more cost effective design. Other considerations include superimposed loading, degree of access restriction, anticipated vibration, seismic loads, temporary loads, and ambient weather during construction. The result is a solid foundation for your specific project whether it be a limited access residential home, or a large commercial building.

Our consultants are proficient in a full range of specialty shoring and deep foundation design.  This experience ensures that the design chosen is sound, cost effective and meets your project’s design. Stable Ground offers permit packages which includes initial submission and processing of permit, conducting any revisions, and coordinating all site meetings with engineers ensuring your project is appropriately monitored throughout construction. Upon completion, we will provide you with a final engineer’s letter stating the work was completed according to plan and that the site is safe for work to carry on.  We will work together with you to obtain the results you need.